Baby Announcements

Birth Announcement Etiquette

Sending a birth announcement for the newest member of your family can be done simply and stress free by the following simple guidelines and suggestions.

When to send a birth announcement

Most etiquette authorities agree that when to send a birth announcement to announce the news of your little one is as soon as possible and no later than 6 months. Sometimes there are mitigating circumstances such as premature birth complications or an adoption which can easily delay the announcement of your family’s joy. In that case, you should send out your announcements as soon as you are able knowing that your friends and family will understand.

Plan ahead to send birth announcements

To enable you to be able to send out a timely birth announcement you should always plan ahead. You may easily choose your announcement in advance of the birth so that all you will need to add may be the date and weight! You may ask to place the order in advance and keep it on file. Another helpful tip is to request that your envelopes be preshipped for addressing. Then when the happy day has arrived your order we be sent to press and shipped in a timely fashion. An important detail to consider. *It is a good idea for the mother, herself, to call in the details for the text such as spelling of name, weight and length. It is not uncommon during this exciting time for a family member or friend to call in the wrong information!

What information to include on the birth announcement

When you are designing your baby’s birth announcement, there are many good announcement layouts you can easily study. Most parents only choose to show the baby’s name, weight, length and then names of parents and siblings. Depending on the size and space of the announcement you like you may choose a special phrase or verse. Adorable baby motifs, monograms and initials are often chosen to further embellish your choice!

Photo birth announcement or nonphoto birth announcement

A photo or non photo birth announcement is simply a matter of personal taste. Do not feel that you must choose your announcement style based on what you have received from others! Either choice is a lovely option and one that reflects your personal preference and family personality.

Photo birth announcement suggestions

If you should decide to send out a photo birth announcement here are a few very important suggestions:

  • Have your camera setting on fine resolution for a larger file. Your photo’s size will be best in mb and not kb. Many photos in kb tend to print blurry. Read your camera’s instructions for the best settings.
  • Be aware of the background for your baby’s picture. A very dark background often does not show well on a sweet or delicate photo card. If you are wanting to use a color photo, you will want the background to be soft so that images or textures do not compete with your precious one’s face.
  • Do not take your photos too close up.The tighter the picture, the less room you have to crop and adjust the position of the photo.
  • Black and white, sepia or antique are additional good choices depending on the card’s design and color palette.

Sending an additional note with the birth announcement

No friend or family member should expect to receive an additional handwritten note during this very exciting but especially tiring time! However, do send a thank you note for gifts and kindnesses you have received once you and the little one have settled in to a more rested routine.

When to purchase stationery for your baby

It is not only accepted but popular to purchase your little one’s personal stationery early on! Many parents send thank you notes for baby gifts with their baby’s name on it. Today’s parents are eager to establish friendships and play groups. Your baby’s thank you notes and mommy cards help to grow delightful relationships!

Mommy Cards

A mommy card is simply an enclosure card with the mommy and little one’s names and contact information. It is fun to have a sweet title like “let’s play” or “call my mommy for a play date” if you like.

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