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Snail Mail versus Social Media

Which would you rather receive: a personal invitation in your mailbox at home or a group invitation in your “mailbox” on your computer? Which makes you feel more special? Here are a few things to think about when sending your snail mail invitation: 1. Sit down and write a list of who you want to […]

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Party Invitation Etiquette

Your party or special event begins with your invitation! A thoughtfully planned invitation creates appreciation from the honoree(s) and excitement for the invited guests. When planning your next special occasion, keep these thoughts in mind. Casual Invitations A casual gathering is often attended by friends, family or coworkers and does not require as formal an […]

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Baby Announcements

Birth Announcement Etiquette Sending a birth announcement for the newest member of your family can be done simply and stress free by the following simple guidelines and suggestions. When to send a birth announcement Most etiquette authorities agree that when to send a birth announcement to announce the news of your little one is as […]

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Stationery and Invitation Etiquette

Stationery Etiquette Receiving a handwritten note on quality, heavyweight paper is not only special but a personal gesture in our day and time of social technology. There’s something about a hand addressed envelope that makes you want to open it so much faster than all the rest! You can’t feel an email or text message […]

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Reply Cards and the Right Date

I really wish the wedding websites (one in particular) would stop telling brides/grooms that they need to send their invitations out 3 months prior with replies due back 6 weeks before the wedding.    That is way too early on both sending invitations and receiving replies – especially if save the date cards were sent. […]

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Real time or Fake time on Wedding Invitations?

I have been asked many times about what time to put on the invitation as the start time of the ceremony, Real or Fake?  Hmmm, why would anyone put a fake time on their invitation?  Well, I am one who believes that if your wedding ceremony is at 4:00 p.m. – then by all means, […]

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