Snail Mail versus Social Media

Which would you rather receive: a personal invitation in your mailbox at home or a group invitation in your “mailbox” on your computer?
Which makes you feel more special?

Here are a few things to think about when sending your snail mail invitation:
1. Sit down and write a list of who you want to invite (include those people that are obligatory invitations too)
2. Order/Write out invitations with all the information that guests need to know – all the while thinking about this person you are inviting.
a. Type of Party
b. Date
c. Time
d. Location
e. Who is hosting
f. Reply information

3. Gather their mailing address
4. Go to post office to get stamps
5. Write out their envelope
6. Put it in the mail.
7. Wait for their response. Imagine the fun you have when you go to your own mailbox to get the mail and see all the replies! That is if you send a reply card/envelope. Just another way of being more personal!

8. Have a great party!!

Here’s a few things to think about when sending your social media invitation:
1. Go to computer and log on to your social media account
2. Go to friends and click those you want/need to invite
3. Create an event
4. Wait for response – another email.
5. Have a great party!

The steps to the invitation for a party via Social Media seems much easier, doesn’t it? Hmmm, let’s see: Did I get everyone? What if I’m not connected to the person on Social Media, how will they find out? Is the party real? (How many people believe anything/everything they see on Social Media?) How special will your guest feel knowing you were not “personally” inviting them– we all know how easy it is to just click on a name to include in your “invite” list.

The question: What if I’m not connected on Social Media with a person that I want/should invite? Now you have to figure out how to invite them. Do they read their emails? What if it gets lost in the “cloud”? Another step in the process….and possible hurt feelings knowing you are “publically” left off the list of people invited (remember – everyone on your invite list can see the list of invitees on Social Media).

When sending a snail mail invitation, no one knows the guest list and you feel special receiving the invitation in the mail. You won’t ever know who was invited and who wasn’t. This makes for a lot less hurt feelings or questions why someone might not have been invited (remember you don’t know if someone was invited or they just couldn’t make it).

Which would you rather receive?

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